Thursday, June 9, 2016

Creative Family Portrait Ideas

Family is what stands by you through thick and thin. They are there for you from day one. Then one fine day you fly the nest. A picture of your family on the desk, a fleeting look at the memory of them on a busy days, instantly lightens your day. Family portraits have a way of sticking around for years and sometimes even for generations to come. Why not make them really memorable by playing around some awesome themes!

Family photos with a twist are the next big thing. Many of us make it a point of marking special occasions with a portrait. Then, be it a professional studio photograph or a casual family photo, there are several ways to make it special. Here are a few ideas to fuel your imagination!

Themes that you can use:
Depending on your obsession, the theme can come from anywhere.

TV Characters:
Members of the family dressed up as characters from a favourite TV series is a fun way to make your portrait more interesting. Game of Thrones, Marvel's superheroes and even Adam's family is in vogue. This idea can be extended to movie characters like Harry Potter!

Color themes:
A color coordinated family photo is another classic. Go for a sober grey scale or a more vibrant red or orange scale depending on the occasion. Dress up as a rainbow on a rainy day or pose with uniforms to mark the day your kid left for college!

Festive theme:
A Christmas theme never gets old! You can try different styles with the help of your photographer. Create an optical illusion to baffle your friends! These photographs can also be used in family cards!

Travel theme:
A visit to Disneyland calls for a portrait with Disney characters! Gear up for a sporty look when on a hiking trip or a glamorous shot when visiting Vegas! Dressing up as a celebrity attracts a lot of attention!

New Baby Theme:
Welcoming a new member into the family is always the perfect occasion for a portrait upgrade! The best part is these tiny tots make the portrait look lovely without any other additional charms. However, your pictures can be made even more adorable by posing with the little ones by adding a black and white effect, cradling the baby in the arms of the mother or other children or even as Santa's gift on Christmas!

Abstract themes: 
There is a long list of themes to pick from here; Inception effect, photo-frame in photo-frame, parents kissing while holding their kids upside down, in elaborate sets depicting different eras in history, zombie themes and even simple formations leading to illusions! Newly weds can get a picture with their extended families with placards having witty illustrations or scribbles!

The aim of a family photograph may vary. Some may place the photograph over the mantle or some might use it as a festive card. However, long after it has served its purpose, what remains is a beautiful memory of a day well spent! All you have to aim for is a smile and you will have the perfect shot, every time! For more ideas, watch our Photography Orange County videos.

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